What’s our story?

We think of ourselves as the way of the 21st century. We’re casual, non-”corporate”, and value work-life balance and family, as well as our passion for our work. You’ll find us in a cafe, or a co-work office, or at our home offices. We like to be out among people. We’re creative and analytical. We use both sides of the brain. We also love travel, and find the world fascinating. We want to use our creative and analytical experience and inherent make-up and use our knowledge of the world to help others be the best that they can be. We believe in understanding and discovery to build a strong foundation for a brand that can be the basis for everything else from there; to have a road-map, a plan – a fun plan. That’s right, the journey should also be fun!

As far as our experience, we have over a decade in the creative space, working for dozens and dozens of clients. We love what we do. We’re flexible in our process. Everything is custom-tailored so it can be the solution you need instead of a package to sell you. We’re nimble; quick to respond and change. We’re also international, in both Europe and the United States.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help clients clearly define their organization’s brand, and create smart branding strategy to effectively reach your target market.

Our Vision

Clients empowered to thrive to their fullest potential.

brndventure smart branding

Meet Baldwin

Meet our mascot, Baldwin (meaning “brave” and “friend” from Germanic roots), your bold and confident new friend. He takes your brand on a grand adventure, carving new paths through uncharted frontiers. He’s also looking pretty sharp with his bow-tie, don’t you think?

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Our Values

We are passionate about them!


Intelligence. Brains over brute force. Clever innovation, based on solid rationale, data, and ideas.


The bold move forward, the timid languish and perish. Who’s afraid to stand out, to take an uncommon stand, to travel the path less trod? Not the bold!


A new perspective, like springtime and new mint leaves. The same old, same old won’t get you new results. A new look, ideas, and approaches do.


Uncomplicated. Simple is better. We value the simplest way to achieve results. Complex and convoluted isn’t better; a direct path is better.


Lively and enjoyable! Life should be fun! Our work is meaningful and we enjoy it! Life is not all statistics and charts, and customers connect with people they like. Remember to have fun!

If you are not a brand, you are a commodity. Then price is everything and the low-cost producer is the only winner.

Philip Kotler, The Father of Modern Marketing


We love our clients, and it's mutual

We highly recommend BRNDVENTURE for any design, branding , or social media projects you have! Excellent quality and excellent communication! It was a pleasure to work with BRNDVENTURE!

Sergio and his team were excellent partners in the creation of Drone Book from start to finish. They not only helped implement my vision as publisher of the drone pilots network but also contributed creative ideas of their own to the company branding, website design and website features, making it a better product in the end. Their technical support since the site launched also has been invaluable.

We’ve been working for years with this team, and we’ve always been satisfied with their work. They understand easily what we ask for and can adapt to any kind of sector or customer. Together we worked on a few of our own brands as well as multiple projects for our customers.

I am grateful to BRNDVENTURE for creating my website. It’s clean design, user-friendliness, content distribution – my vision and expectations have been exceeded. I was happy to entrust website administration and maintenance into their hands and have been very satisfied with the service.

Brndventure does world class brand development. They are creative strategists and able to implement that strategy across our website and social media account. We are thankful to work with their team.